Grooming your Chihuahua Tips 

Learning to groom your chihuahua is very easy, Smooth Coat Chihuahuas need very little grooming and a few minutes every day would be plenty. While the Long Coat Chihuahuas will take a little more time to groom. Brush your dog thoroughly with a good bristle brush then comb through to remove any loose hair.


Ears and Eyes

Once a month you should give the dog a more intense check over examining inside the ears and making sure that they are clean, looking for any wax or lose bits of trapped hair which can sometimes happen.

Clean this out of the outer ear canal with a little oil on cotton wool or cotton bud taking great care and being very gentle.


Make sure the eyes are clear and clean there are a lot of products on the market to help keep the eyes clean and to help lessen tear staining which shows as ugly brown stains on the hair under the dog’s eyes caused by being continually being wet.

Have a good look at the teeth to see if there are any signs of tartar build up at the base of the tooth Tartar can be removed with a special dog tooth scaler bought from your Vet or Pet supply shop.

Give your Chihuahua doggy Chew Bars hard biscuits or Pigs Ears which will help to remove tartar and keep the teeth healthy and clean. Using a soft small child’s size toothbrush or a piece of gauze dipped in Baking Soda moistened with milk to a paste can help keep the teeth clean.


If you don’t keep up with the regular cleaning of your dog’s teeth it may become necessary for your Chihuahua to have an anaesthetic and your Vet will scale the teeth.

Chihuahua Nail Trimming 

Chihuahua nails grow very quickly and should be kept short, trimmed once a month with special nail clippers for small dog or cats any rough edges smoothed over with a nail file and polished off with a little Vaseline.


Bathing your Chihuahua

Brush or comb your Chihuahua before his bath use a Laundry tub or Bathtub or the handheld fitting in your Shower always stand him on a non slippery mat designed for baths and showers or a sturdy towel that won’t move around he may be a little nervous initially but with regular bathing he will learn to love bath time.


Wet the dog gently with warm water all over but not allowing any water in his eyes or ears use a good quality Dog Shampoo and Conditioner and wash the dog thoroughly and rinse off all the soap with the handheld shower fitting, towel dry well and finish the drying with your hair dryer taking care it is not too hot as to burn him.

Until you have dried him a few times using the hairdryer and he is more relaxed with the noise it makes do the drying with the hairdryer on the floor in case he gets a fright and leaps away off the table.


When he is thoroughly dry give him a last brush or combing to remove any loose hair and give him a treat for being such a good dog. Keep him indoors or in a warm place after the bath, so he doesn’t catch a chill also to prevent him rolling and getting grubby again outside, trust me it happens!