If you feel like you wanted to raise a dog with the size of a handbag, I suggest you consider the Chiwawa Dog. Chiwawa dog is usually known for its adorable size, and it is also becoming a good choice if you wanted to raise a dog with a limited space.

Chiwawa dog

However, you also have to know that training your Chiwawa is also another important task to do since Chiwawa have a quite aggressive temper. You already know that Chiwawa is quite aggressive which is also cute, so you have to keep in mind that train a Chiwawa won’t be an easy task. Chiwawa with its aggression might become a trouble if you don’t know how to deal with it.

When a Chiwawa dog gets aggressive you have to teach them to know the situation they’re in, so that they won’t put themselves in a dangerous situation.

Another thing you have to know is that the Chiwawa dog can be very protective toward their owner, and they are also attached easily with you, especially if you planned to bring your dog everywhere you go. The main problem is, an untrained Chiwawa dog usually barked or get aggressive at the wrong time and the wrong place.

Chiwawa dog

To prevent your dog from doing these kinds of behaviours, proper training, and a good socialization must be given so that your Chiwawa dog will be able to differentiate the situation they’re in. it is also recommended for you to start a good socialization to your dog since they’re puppies.

However, if you choose to put your Chiwawa dog at the training school, you might want to keep up its schedule to play with other puppies. There are many kinds of training and a wide variety of skills to teach your dog. You can see many articles about DIY to train your dog, or maybe you want to consider another option which is to enrol your dog to a dog school and save more efforts.

Chiwawa dog

I’m pretty sure that when you’ve decided to raise a dog, you wanted to have a special relationship with it so that the Chiwawa can be your true best friend. So, I suggest that you might want to learn a bit about your dog, read some more fact about how to raise your Chiwawa, consulting your dog problems and any questions to the nearest vet.

So, if you think that you’re ready to raise a Chiwawa puppy, you can buy them at the Chiwawa breeder. Honestly, I don’t suggest you look for a dog at the pet store since they are often treated poorly. Make sure that your Chiwawa has its need balanced, and I hope you have a lot of fun with your Chiwawa dog.